General Non-Fiction posted December 1, 2021

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Christmas tree transport snafu leads to ad hoc workaround

Open Windows/Closed Doors--OOPS!

by Elizabeth Emerald

This evening, Chuck and I watched as my daughter dug up and untangled the strands of Christmas lights, then wrapped them around the balusters supporting the handrail.

Whilst watching Lauren weaving the strands around the spokes, Chuck was reminded of an occasion, back in the 90s, when he secured the family's first Christmas tree to the roof of the car.

They drove to a tree farm nearby and selected the least lopsided amongst the bunch. Chuck placed the tree on the roof of the car and rolled down the windows.

Chuck decided to take the opportunity to demonstrate the trucker's hitch knot to his young son and daughter, ages nine and five.

Deven and Sandra watched as Chuck tossed one end of the rope through the driver's side window, reached in the passenger side to grab it, tossed it over the tree, and hitched it to the other end of the rope. After four such maneuvers, the tree was secured.

Deven and Sandra appeared to be puzzled. Chuck offered to let them practice the knot until they got it down. The kids shook their heads and pointed to the car.

It was in that instant Chuck realized what was troubling them: the doors were tied shut. 

Whilst the other tree shoppers/choppers watched in amusement, Chuck boosted the kids through the windows, climbed in, and drove off amidst the titters.




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