Biographical Non-Fiction posted July 23, 2021

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Desperate circumstances merit desperate measures

Beating the Rap

by Elizabeth Emerald

[Minnesota] MN Minn Stat 609.855 Unlawful interference with transit operator [if no force or violence or threat thereof] ... 
Misdemeanor ... up to 90 days in jail.


[Colorado] CO C.R.S. 32-9-160 Wrongfully interfering with any [transit] employee in the proper discharge of his duties ... 
Misdemeanor ... up to 90 days in jail.



[Hawaii] HI HRS 711-1112 Interference with operator of public transit vehicle ...
Class "C" Felony ...
up to five years' imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 [boldface rendered thus in the source]. 

Good thing I didn't live in Hawaii at the time of my offense, committed nearly 42 years ago; specifically, on December 12, 1979.

Presumably, I wouldn't have gotten the maximum sentence, given I was unarmed and non-threatening.

Nonetheless, I did "interfere" with a "transit operator."

To wit: I hijacked a bus.

There were mitigating circumstances. Moreover, I acted in behalf of my fellow would-be passengers. I say "would-be" because none of us were passengers at the time of the hijacking.

The bus was empty, save for its driver, when it pulled into the stop on that sub-ten degree night. I'd been waiting twenty minutes; some of the seven others had been there for an hour, during the course of which four Riverside buses had come and gone.

The crowd cheered. Finally, this must be our bus: Forest Hills.

The crowd groaned. Destination: Riverside.

So ... I march onto the bus and calmly, but firmly, say to the driver: I'm hijacking this bus to Forest Hills. 

I turn to the group outside, and yell: Are you with me?

They stand there, frozen (likely feeling near to literally so as well), gaping at me. 

They shift their feet, cast uncertain glances at one another. 

Then, en masse, the wanna-get-lucky seven storm the bus.

The driver bounds off the bus and into the station house, purportedly, to ask his supervisor's permission to divert the bus.

So, here we are, the eight of us, in our seats, shaking, not from the chill, but in dread of the imminent arrival of the police.

We watch in trepidation as the driver exits the station house.

He bounds back to the bus, hops aboard, and announces: 
Destination: Forest Hills.




Bus Stop Downtown by cleo85 on THANK YOU!,fine%20of%20up%20to%20%2410%2C000.
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