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Talking to ourselves

Chapter on Communication

by Cogitator

Aristotle was quoted as saying: "Wisdom begins with the definition of terms." Communication is defined as: "The sending or receiving of a message that means the same to both sender and receiver." We are senders and receivers communicating our life.

The message before you is being carried by what we call language. Communication takes place in many other ways than human languages and languages take on many different forms, as well. Music has a language of its own, mathematical formulas, visual displays, and, indeed, all stimuli that tickle our physical senses communicate. Symbolism is widely used to communicate.

How this message is getting to you is quite a trip. I had to choose from the twenty-six symbols called letters, organize them in sequences that make words, organize words in sequences that make sentences, paragraphs, etc., so that the effort can MAKE SENSE -- Common Sense.

The "means the same" part is a toughie. For the message to be understood by the receiver, it must make sense. Much communication today is "non-sense." It must make sense, not only to the five physical senses, but to our common sense. And for this message to "mean the same" to both of us, it must have equal value for both of us. That is close to impossible because we have different views and values that comprise our self-worth. Value of the meaning compared to our overall self-worth is what creates the importance of the meaning in our minds.

Regardless of vehicle, what communicating seeks is balance and sequence. That is the point of understanding and agreement in our common sense. There is no question that formulas are all written to illustrate balance and equality (E=mc2) and all music is written for harmony in the sequence of notes. The universal appeal of music is no accident. Common sense knows what good harmony is. Likewise, mathematical formulas have a simple elegance, but usually cryptic to the general public.

Common sense of balance and sequence is found in the right and left hemisphere of our brain. Our physical senses produce a feeling or emotion in the right hemisphere that creates a need to make a decision. If we are communicating with written languages, we must agree to call something a letter, sentence, pictogram etc., and produce them in a sequence that makes sense. Spoken languages must be agreed to for what sound means to the listener's ear. The meaning conveyed rests solely by the amount of sense it makes to the reader, listener, or viewer. We then traverse the Corpus Callosum to the logical hemisphere for evaluation of the message in terms of importance, or MEANING.

For our sojourn on this planet, we have been given five physical senses, except for some people who have lost or never had one or more of them. Helen Keller never possessed sight or hearing, but her fourteen books prove to me that we can communicate quite well without some physical senses. She lived in her mind, just like we all do. Many people will use their eyes like the periscope of a submarine. They cannot see land ahead while passing some wondrous island. Eyes are meant to identify forms and common sense gives them their emotional value. We trust our ears to actually understand what is being said. Helen Keller could not interpret messages from these two senses. After learning she had written fourteen books, there's no doubt in my mind that the universe in her mind is much greater than most.

Taste vibrations are designed for determining sweet and sour, tart or bland, etc. Smell differentiates pleasant and unpleasant molecules in the air. Touch tests the vibrations of our skin against other surfaces to determine hard/soft and hot/cold. Hearing gathers vibrations from its environment to determine harmonious or discordant. Vision gathers light vibrations from a tiny slice in the center of the electromagnetic spectrum that we call Visible Light to make us "see." When we "see," the rods and cones and optic nerve send the information to the brain and common sense "makes up its mind" with that information. Everything we "see" and feel is actually beheld in our mind. The only "out there" is what our own mind projects.

Objective and Subjective

Objective Mind looks outward for meaning and Subjective looks inward. Objective places value on external stimuli and Subjective contemplates that value to understand where and how it fits in its total knowledge base. Since all existence is connected, we can hold our focus in that contemplation until we see the "Big Picture." That's not easy to do for most people. Usually a bathroom break comes early in the process. There are so many distractions preventing us from getting closer to the Big Picture that few ever make it during one lifetime.

Another problem that arises is assumption. Some think that truth can be achieved by a combination of belief and faith. That is not true. They are using their Objective Mind for that function. Truth is contained in all participants of creation. Assumptions are veils that fog the Big Picture.

These senses communicate their findings to Common Sense for the purpose of making a decision. Do we stay "tuned in" to develop the meaning of the message or go on to other messages on hold? Do we have enough information to make the decision? Common Sense doesn't much care about its surroundings and how they may affect its Being. The human mind does. Common Sense exists forever in the universe, human forms are temporary. Because the human mind has been given capabilities that "see" beyond our physical form, it can lead us into situations that are not so harmonious or balanced. The human mind has been given the capability of choice. In order to make a choice, it must have the capability to assign value to the vibrations it receives. Value is created by the digital left hemisphere and meaning is felt by common sense in the right hemisphere as emotion.

We've all probably heard terms like: "She has a good heart" or "Have a heart" intending to communicate goodness, kindness and compassion. The heart is just another body organ to be monitored by the brain. All emotion is found in the right hemisphere and all decisions are made by emotion.

In our conscious state, we are bombarded by vibrations and messages of all sorts. ADD/ADHD, to me, is caused by this cacophony of non-sense. Children are born with the genes and memes of their parents. The DNA molecule is a double helix that carries the past into the new birth. One leg of the helix is physical characteristics and the other is the memory of prior experiences. As the DNA develops into a baby, the balance and sequence executed by the instructions contained keep the growth on target. Just like an acorn knows to become an oak tree.

We are born with the truth of what we are encoded in our human form. It is through communicating with others and creating false beliefs, incorrect values and nonsensical goals that we create our own hell and its associated problems. We try to overcome our failures by using ideas like Positive Mental Attitude. For me, the idea of positive mental attitude automatically brings an equal and opposite negative mental attitude to mind. Trying to squelch one side of the brain will not work because it goes against Universal Law. Things must be in balance to exist. Much more effective in changing ourselves is the thought of Creative Mental Attitude.

We are creators existing in Creation. Whatever we imagine can be created. That is actually how we go through our waking day. You imagine taking a shower-BAM!, you're clean. You imagine going to work-BAM!, you're there. You imagine having a family, not so BAM. It takes a lot of thought and planning to have the wedding of your choice. But yet, it is the imagination that lets you make those plans and make them occur. How you prioritize those imaginations in your mind at this time, in this place, under these circumstances determines what action you will take next. We are always communicating with ourselves.

Now, to the reason for communication. We are both senders and receivers. If we imagine our sphere of influence as a broadcasting antenna sending out vibrations carrying messages and waiting for the echo, we have a good idea of how we communicate. Our brains are antennas that receive that echo. When we communicate, we broadcast our own thoughts of what we perceive to be our environment and receive the echo of those thoughts as the effect of our thinking. Newton said "For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action." So it is with thought and communication of thought. This is called REFLECTION or MEDITATION. The depth of thought creates an "aura" that contains us. We can call it charisma, as well.

Aside from definitions, Aristotle also tried to explain Metaphysics. Metaphysics proposes that all forms are collections of balanced thoughts. Our consciousness has the ability of interpreting these thoughts and gives them names for the purpose of communicating among ourselves. It also proposes that, if all forms that appear to us are thoughts, then the universe must be one thought comprised of all thoughts. It is not the physical universe that expands; it is the collection of thoughts within it. Each one of us has a Point of View to observe this Universe with our human mind, but most of us communicate about very small sections of the Big Picture.

Communication within ourselves is truly the only thing we do. Whatever we think and feel is what creates our universe. Good, bad, or indifferent; Small, medium or large, is all up to each of us. Assigning responsibility for our lot in life is a copout. Until more people realize this fact, no great change will take place. We shape the future. We create different conditions. We allow governments to kill people. We watch and blame others for the vision. Let's wake up! Each one of us can be the captain of our ship and master of our fate. If we decide to simply be passengers, we have to choose the ship that can take us where we wish to be.

Communication systems today are nothing short of wondrous. The letters you see before you are created by sequences of zeroes and ones in my computer. The sequences will be posted on FanStory at some remote site by clicking on SAVE at the bottom. This takes the content through space and time as vibrations of frequency and amplitude to make it available for you to read. As you glean meaning from these sequences, your emotions are affected. The same thing is done by the media. The lords and masters know our emotional right hemisphere will assign meaning. They manage the populace by making them avoid thinking about their emotions.

The Internet can be the savior of the world. It is still a social toy to a large degree, but can evolve into a way for us to communicate truth to everyone. If you are a truth-seeker, chances are the Internet is a great place to start communicating.


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