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Indiscriminate satire in a crown of sonnets

A chapter in the book I Hereby Crown Thee ...

Here We Go Again

by Fleedleflump

I - Journalistic Ambition

The journalists are out in force today
with brandished pens and outrage on their minds,
each manufacturing their own dismay
to weave with webs of words a tale designed

to fit a set of purposes at once;
to be the first to coin a tragic phrase,
to nab iconic photos of the hunt,
to be the face exposing the malaise.

"Find me a family, broke and diverse -
then gather up their tears to form a toast.
We’ll make our circulation in a hearse -
to raise awareness (of The Morning Post).”

And so the circus barrels into town
to play the harbinger of dark renown.

II - Spirituality

To play the harbinger of dark renown,
we introduce a straw man to the mix -
his name begins with J, perhaps a clown -
a jester doomed to dance and waggle sticks,

and so his message battles to be heard.
“If only we all danced my merry jig,
no evil acts would ever be incurred.
for my dance is the coolest, and so big

that only love and laughter can survive.”
And lo, the lambs are bulletproof, it seems,
and all the dancer’s dancing friends will thrive,
inheriting the rhythm via dreams -

as fundamental sustenance as food,
as ammunition loaded for the good.

III - Amendment

As ammunition loaded for the good,
so metal, powder, fire and freedom's vim
are tools each man can bring to bear, and should,
to wield his right, defending everything

from those who think the government is all.
"If every teacher packed a forty five,
they'd have those spotty teens all held in thrall.
The other kids (without the guns) could thrive."

And so we need to reinforce the right
by stocking up an armoury in schools,
By teaching teachers they can shoot on sight
next time the anguish twists the hearts of fools

and turn each lesson into a war zone -
a thought to chill the marrow in their bones.

IV - Re-Amendment

A thought to chill the marrow in their bones -
that we can still just buy the right to kill.
We're losing children. 'Rights' cannot atone
for all the death and venom they instill,

and so we need to shield what we have left
behind a wall of international balk,
"Find me a family, broke and bereft.
I'll blow the dust off this old bill, and talk

until the house won't dare to say a word
because we have the socials on our side."
Before a full discussion can be heard,
let's get this through, let common sense reside

and suddenly, no-one will want to harm,
'cause without guns, there's no need for alarm.

V - Personal Signals

Cause: Without guns, there's no need for alarm
or censorship, for freedom cannot bleed.
Effect: We can be free to be the balm
for poetry is all this dark world needs

to effervesce like bubbles in a stream
and jabber like the ducklings in my dreams
and shower me with heaven-sent esteem
and pen some aphorisms feeding memes.

We all must show the world that we are shocked
(by world, I mean my distribution list)
for my truth is the best and can't be blocked
by any words or thoughts that may exist

to remonstrate a novel point of view
by demonstrating what we all should do.

VI - Corporate Signals

By demonstrating what we all should do,
we hope to feed a better balance sheet.
Our customers, both old guard and the new,
must read a mission statement's text replete

with those amendments we might deem are due,
addressing what we're seeing day to day.
Whatever else we might see on the news,
our corporate message must be made to play:

“We want to reassure the world today
That, as a brand position, we declare:
The murdering of children, we should say,
should be discouraged, as it is unfair.”

And so, our interests covered by some fluff,
we walk through life, convinced we've done enough.

VII - The Circus

We walk through life, convinced we've done enough 
so long as we have shouted in the streets.
"More guns, more words, more laws, more puffed up bluff,
more empathy, more sales!" (In comfy seats.)

There are no words or ways your soul can act
assuaging guilt or bringing back the dead,
no chance to change the horrors become fact
or hope for absolution in the stead

of living in a world where laughter thrives
and growing up is planting hopeful seeds,
and sunlight never burns, but lights our lives
without the need to ever have to read:

Another bloody school is in dismay.
The journalists are out in force today.




Artwork by Geralt on Pixabay.

Please note, this is not an attack on anyone - it's just a bit of observation.

A crown of sonnets is seven interconnected sonnets which form a whole. The final line must be the same as the opening line, and each sonnet must begin with the final line of the preceding one.
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