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The Hand

by damommy

Anyone who knows me or has read my writing knows I wonder about everything.  I ponder things, realizing that I will never know just how it all works.
For instance, how do birds weave such intricate and solid nests with only beaks and feet?  Well, except for the mockingbird whose nest is always a loose, sloppy, mess.  Watch the next time you see a flock fly up from the ground.  They never bump into each other.  Have you never wondered why?
All the little creatures know just when to stock up food and prepare for winter, and when spring comes, they know just what to do to prepare for new babies.
Even the trees and flowers know when and what to do.  But how?
In my mind’s eye, I see a large beautiful Hand gently stroking, prodding, guiding all things in the way they should go.  I see that Hand touch buds to open into blossoms for bees, wasps, butterflies, and hummingbirds to find nourishment, and for us to enjoy their beauty and their scents. 
I see that Hand brush across the sky, creating sunrises and sunsets the like of which no one can copy with paint and palette.
Think of rain.  The clouds gather and send us rain, and when it’s over, the raindrops are gathered back into the sky to rain another time, and maybe another place, and the earth is refreshed and clean.
The world was created from nothing, and yet we have this beautiful place to live.  We take so much for granted, we don’t stop and appreciate the wonder of it all.
How can anyone think all this comes about and works so beautifully without Someone to control it.  We need to take time to appreciate the miracles around us.  They are everywhere.




What I was thinking today.

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