General Fiction posted December 28, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
Of love and life ...

Links in a chain

by Wendy G

~ FAMILY Story ~ Fiction ~ Contest Winner 

"Happy birthday, Grandpa! We love you! It's from the three of us!"

The joy shone from Milly's face, as she gave him his gift.

"We'll be able to message and chat every day once you get the hang of it, instead of just seeing each other on Sundays! We'll help you!"

Grandpa unwrapped it, and he expressed his delight and pleasure. Secretly he was a little afraid.

That evening he went across to his neighbour.

"I need your help," he told his friend. "Milly's my great-grand-daughter … she's only ten, eleven next Saturday … but I am ninety-three! I don't know how to use this! Everyone else uses them and they understand it all – I'm feeling a bit left out. Maybe I'm too old for all this new-fangled technology!"

He showed his friend the iPad – the special birthday gift.

"When she comes over, she shows me hers and we play games on it together, but she's always there to help if I get stuck. I don't know how I'd manage by myself! I don't want her to be disappointed in me."

"Rubbish! Never too old! What's age got to do with it? Come for coffee each afternoon, and I'll show you what I know," said his friend.

A new daily routine began.

Grandpa made steady progress, surprising himself. He started to become aware of all the possibilities: messages, emails, photos and videos, chat groups. His friend helped him load games and music apps. Each day he felt more interest in the world around him. He didn't have to wait for the evening television news – he could access the latest at any moment. He looked up birds and plants, in fact lots of things!

The gift was indeed precious. He was grateful for family love.

Links in the chain of life they were. He was at one end, then his daughter, his grand-daughter, and then Milly, all linked by love.

Milly was to have a birthday party with her friends on Saturday. She was excited.

A beautiful day dawned.

Suddenly she rushed out to the breakfast table to her mother and grandmother.

"Look!" she exclaimed. "Look what Grandpa has sent!"

She held out her iPad.

"Grandpa has sent me an e-card for my birthday! And a selfie! He's made a WhatsApp group for our family. He'll do a video call with me later too! Look what else! He's asked me to send some video of our party! What fun! He's so clever! He can do so much already on his iPad. I'm so proud of him! Now he's really connected to us in everything, every day! We're like links of love in a chain!"


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~ FAMILY Story ~ Fiction ~
Contest Winner



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