Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted October 10, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
Experiencing Lucid dreaming and the discoveries I've made.

Trip the Light Fantastic!

by Jesse James Doty

I've been on a trip of sorts as I've been lucid dreaming of late. They are very wild, vivid, dreams...where I am not sure of my reality and whether I am awake or asleep. It could be quite disturbing until I got used to them and then I just lay back and enjoy the trip!

My dreams included many people from my past, including my deceased mother and father... and my brother, who I am close to now more than ever before! I dreamt of old girlfriends, such as Audrey and Pauline...mainly Audrey as she was my life partner until she passed in October of 2007. That was a life-changer for sure! I have been alone since then but have a wonderful support system of good friends and a brother, all of whom I love dearly!

One night, I was watching my kitty, Sunny, it was really happening...she was miffed at me about something, and I watched her flap down her tail in anger and I thought to myself...what if every person in the world had a tail!!!

Wow, that would be a real eye-opener! We would all show our feelings about each other, and ourselves constantly!
What a different world it would be...and become if these signs were listened to and paid attention to and honored as true feelings!!

Ahh, I want to ponder these thoughts for a minute or two.
Try to imagine the possibilities!!!

I know for myself, I would like to know if how the people in my life truly feel about what I say and how I present myself.

How I look is not as important as how I come across to others and myself. But, the truth is, I don't know if I will like it or not until I find out.

I wonder how other people would respond to this. Would they like it, or would it repel them...I am not sure. I suppose my readers will weigh in on these issues.

Once again, I have posed perhaps an unanswerable question to the readers. So how do I end this?

With a world of possibilities that are endless, and with a world of dreams that could help us change the world, and as we all know, it starts from within us!



Thank you for reading. I need to apologize for attributing the title to the wrong rock band. It was Carlos Castanada from an old book that he wrote about tripping on Acid and other hallucinogenics.
Please, let me know if you have something you would change about this...I really want to know!
Thanks, so much!
I hope you enjoy this...I had fun writing it!
Enjoy your life,
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