Comments For Maridell Fryar by Terry Broxson

An inspiring, heartfelt and thankful story.

Comments For Different With Same Goals by lyenochka

The teaching presented in this article affected ME!

Comments For Pretty April Babe by prettybluebirds

An interesting insight.

Comments For Inspiration never too late by Kevin McNeany

This personal narrative seemed so true to the writer, it was clearly a unique style that wove a web with emotional, but important word choices that nailed down his meaning. I loved this piece.

The standard of this contest was extremely high. I had to read all the contests several times, winnowing them out until one last stood alone. This one.

Comments For All for Just One Child by Donna G. (aka Sam Duck)

Interesting story, well told.

Comments For Gandhi and I by Heather Knight

So many outstanding entries!

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5-7-5 An Introspection In Seventeen Syllables Moments I Have Lived
I have found it rather amazing that an existence of time can be expressed in such few words and yet provide a specific and definitive explanation.

Great reviews:
Raw with emotion - love and pain, regrets and hope, truth and tragedy. It touched me at points, made me choke up.

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