Comments For Ukraine's Child by Paul McFarland

What I see in this contest is many boys and girls writing poetry to and if they themselves were being told the words as they sat upon one's knees. All of these are very good. The voting was difficult but Ukraine Boy with that picture stole my heart.

This is so beautifully written and yet so sad. This is one of the best poems I've read in a long time and I thank you so much for sharing it with us. You did a great job of showing how horrible it must be in Ukraine right now, especially for the little children. Picture of the little girl really brings out your story and makes me wanna cry for them . God bless you for writing this poem. You did a wonderful job and you have my vote, and my 6 stars! Thank you again,

A tough topic to tackle in a poem for a child when one might be expecting sweetness and fun, but so relevant to the suffering of so many children. I think we are all little children in our perplexity about why this is happening... let's all pray and be good, then the WAR (not a mere 'special operation') might have a resolution soon.

Comments For Princess Hannah by Boogienights

Good poem to use for a children's book.

This was a difficult choice for me because there were a couple of other great poems. I think your structure and content was consistent and clear. The poem was written so a child could read and understand it. The story was funny, and cute. Congrats on your submission! I really enjoyed it.

So cute!

Clearly the winner!

Lovely and fun.

Comments For Counting Blocks by LJbutterfly

This poem is a great counting rhyme to use with young children!

Comments For Hooray for holidays by Wendy G

Cute, and it rhymes every line!

Comments For Mr Moon by magic dragon

Delightful and magical!

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