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On the Edge

Blank Verse

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Comment from WalkerMan
This work has reached the exceptional level

Your choice of blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter) is ideal for this topic, as is the illustration.

Yes, we all have such moments, and I have had my share -- but not since joining FanStory and finding friends here from all over the world.

You well cover the key emotions involved in such a dark mood -- feeling alone with no one to turn to for solace or support, feeling that all one's dreams have turned to dust, inability to escape memories of past blunders (whether real or perceived) and the damage they did, loss of hope of getting beyond ever-darkening thoughts, and final sense of helplessness both to fend off pain coming from all directions and to hold back from the edge of the precipice. Superb.

Note for anyone still struggling with such a mood -- be aware that most prescribed medications for depression actually worsen the problem (often significantly), leading to thoughts of violence and/or suicide. There are herbal remedies which do not have such side effects. However, the best solution is improved nutrition combined with avoidance of: (1) gluten; (2) GMO "foods" devoid of key vitamins and minerals and/or tainted with carcinogenic glyphosate; (3) excessive sugars and sugar-forming carbs; and (4) artificial sugar substitutes such as carcinogenic Aspartame (also deceptively called Nutratame), which originally was invented to be ant poison. "Diet foods" actually prompt increased hunger and resultant overeating because fake sugar does NOT satisfy bodily craving for real sugar.

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2020

reply by the author on 17-Apr-2020
    Thank you Mike for this review. Yes, this is quite a difficult subject matter. I appreciate the added info and medical doctors need to be consulted too.
reply by WalkerMan on 17-Apr-2020
    You are most welcome, Susan. You handled this topic well in this post.

    Few medical doctors understand nutrition, as medical schools are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose sales if people are healthy because of good nutrition. Accordingly, medical students are taught about drugs to prescribe but nothing about either nutrition or herbal remedies that have worked safely for hundreds or even thousands of years. -- Mike
Comment from Franklin Dillard
This work has reached the exceptional level

On The Edge is the reality that we have all had to face at one time or another in our lives This poem recreates that standing on the edge of reality. My mind continues reading, hoping that in some miraculous way, closure will come to the sadness I feel.
Franklin Dillard

 Comment Written 14-Apr-2020

reply by the author on 14-Apr-2020
    Thank you, Franklin, for reading and the review. Yes, it is that battle with hopelessness we all struggle with from time to time. Yet, so many will succumb to those feeling, unfortunately. Thank you for an outstanding review and for sharing your thoughts about such a complicated subject matter.
Comment from Michael Ludwinder
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Well you accomplished th ed challenge of this contest! Good lord the final stanza was especially dark. But you capture a mood so well. Great job. Wonderful word choices.

 Comment Written 13-Apr-2020

reply by the author on 14-Apr-2020
    Thank you Michael for reading and for the review. Depression can be all consuming. A tragedy in itself. This write reflects that hopelessness.