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Everyone carries a burden or two.

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Comment from irishauthorme
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Your discourse certainly made me reflect on how lucky I am. By the Grace of God I am still agile and healthy at 86, this month. I do have burdens, my youngest son is clean now but has been a meth addict for years. My oldest son is confined to a bed at an assisted living facility after a stroke from years of drug abuse. My only grandson died from an overdose.
My wife of 40+ years and I attend a small church here in our small Wyoming town. We live modestly, with exercise and a proper diet.
Will keep you in our prayers.

 Comment Written 21-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 21-Jul-2022
    I am so glad to receive your review; it is much appreciated. I am sure it must be tough to carry such a burden. Your attendance at church and your faith in God will see you through. Keep praying, and I will also say a prayer for you. Having your wife beside you is a testament to your dedication. God Bless, Hubert
Comment from prettybluebirds
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You still have some of those miserable computer glitches in the early part of your story. Your story is definitely worth reading and heeding. When I start to feel sorry for myself I look around and find there are others who are much worse off. Great writing.

 Comment Written 15-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 15-Jul-2022
    Thanks for the information; it is greatly appreciated. I am not sure what is happening; I have no answer. This problem appears to occur only in this format. However, I will continue to work it through. Thanks again.
reply by the author on 17-Jul-2022
    I guess I was a bit slow yesterday; I should have asked you to inform me where the glitches were found so that I could correct them. God bless, Hubert
Comment from Carolyn Dooley
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Eileen was a beautiful woman. Sitting on a rock looking lovely. For fifty eight years, she was your rock. And she will be the first one waiting on you. It was a joy to read your story. And thank you for sharing Eileen's picture. And yes, there are other people who have worse problems than us. Sometimes people feel sorry for themselves.

My deceased husband of forty eight years felt as you. When the VA gave him a wheel chair, he tried giving it back. He felt someone else may need it more than him. He had to use a walker. May your wife and my husband rest in peace until we see them again. My husband was my rock and the entire family.

 Comment Written 14-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 14-Jul-2022
    Thanks for your response; it is appreciated. Yes, I had a short cry when I read of your loss. Like the song "you don't know hwht you have until its gone." Always someone worse off than us. Enjoy your day to the fullest. I appreciated your ending.
reply by Carolyn Dooley on 14-Jul-2022
    You are welcome. Thank you.