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His Three Dollar Dream

Putin's Dream contest entry

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Comment from Rachelle Allen
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HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm so sorry I wasn't around when this was first written and entered into the contest because it would have been my #1 choice...and I say this with total confidence despite not having viewed any of the others. It falls into the category of "Nothing can top this." Great laugh for the morning.

 Comment Written 08-Sep-2022

reply by the author on 08-Sep-2022
    I'm sure you'd find a lot of stuff in my crap you'd get a chuckle from, if you're ever feeling down. I've been on here what, 13 years or something crazy like that. I stopped caring what any of these people thought within the first year. Haha. I love stupid and ridiculous so that's mainly what I go for. Thank you for the great review, Rache. I'm glad you had a laugh at this silliness. I'm off to mock someone else's contest now. Weeeeee


reply by Rachelle Allen on 08-Sep-2022
    hahahah...not mine, though, right? (No, actually feel free. As a teacher, I haven't had a ego in decades now, so have at it, Baby!!)
reply by the author on 08-Sep-2022
    Lol. Game on.


    Have yourself a great day, Rache.
Comment from HarambeForPresident
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I spent the last few minutes laughing myself sick at this contest entry. What a beautiful beckoning picture to match this splendid story.

Yeah I have hosted some higher dollar contests after your earlier suggestion. It seems participation has been better in the more offensive ones when I lowered the entry costs. A couple of contests have been sitting around in purgatory with just one person participating. Sooner or later I will get the hang of the perfect recipe to entice participation, and once I do I will boost the size of the prize pool. I need to up the size of my own "bank" here first so I can participate in my own contests. I've been skating with under $20 most of the time lately, and spending half my fake money just creating these contests and throwing in a blank entry to boost the prize pool.

Nazi oat grain cereal - a beautiful line. Everything sounds better with the word Nazi before it.

 Comment Written 08-Mar-2022

reply by HarambeForPresident on 08-Mar-2022
    Also this is one of your best photo edits ever. Definitely the most epic.
reply by the author on 09-Mar-2022
    Hey, D, hi. Thank you for the awesome review and big sixer. Sorry it took so long getting back. I went to bed right after posting this. I work at night.

    Yeah, I know few people enter these contests if they can't come up with something if it's 5 bucks. I was just poking some fun.

    The pic is like 4 different ones mixed together with some shading and color tinting.

    Thanks for throwing the contest. I had fun with it. Glad you got a chuckle out of it. Thanks again for the great review, friend.
reply by the author on 09-Mar-2022
    Oh yeah, putting Nazi in front of anything makes it sound better. Lol.
Comment from robyn corum
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Dear Mystery Writer (and Highly Creative Artist),

Wow. It took a minute to scroll past that image. I mean, nothing there APPEALED to me? But it was just so... shocking? And given what I have heard about her past, I actually thought... maybe? ? ?

Annnyway... One thing I might recommend right off is to highlight those special words in some way - by italics or in a different color. (Ex. If this is all written in black, make those words slightly lighter - maybe a gray-black, right?) So it wouldn't interfere with reading but highlight the words for the reader.

As to the story, it was really humorous (in a scary way!) to think that here among all of us someone like Putin might be hanging out and sharing his scribbling. I don't think that could really happen because we're all still alive and well. He does seem like the kind of guy who - given a three- or four-star rating would send goons to 'handle' that reviewer. Don't you think? YIKES. Tom would eventually have to kick him off because of the loss of members - and that would spell the end of FS, anyway, because then Putin would send the goons to Tom's house.

The only other comment I might have is the $7 one. *smile* It's clear you are assuming you will win - can't blame you one bit. I mean, this is clever AND if you're Putin, we just discussed all the other reasons. But since you have till Saturday, there's a good chance you'll get a bit closer to that $54 dollar mark (and the $27 first prize pile). Wishing you lots and lots of luck! Thanks for the smile!

 Comment Written 08-Mar-2022

reply by the author on 09-Mar-2022
    Hey, Robyn, hello. Thank you so much for the awesome review. Yeah, he'd be a pain on here, that's for sure. Lol. Could you imagine the forum? Haha

    I don't know why but it always bugs me when I'm reading a 'use these words' contest and people use different colors for said words.
    It always throws me off for some reason. I'm sure if I didn't used all the required words the CEC will surely threaten me with disqualification. Lol.

    We'll see how many more folks jump in the fun before Saturday. If it goes up, I'll edit the $7 to whatever it comes up to. Hopefully more will join. Putin loves that fake cash. Lol.

    Thank you again for the great review and good luck wishes, Robyn. I'm glad you liked this silliness.

    Oh, the pic was created from 4 different Google Image pictures. I love playing in my art program to come up with the perfect pic to go with what I'm writing about. There's actually a lot more work in the picture rather than the silly piece itself. I have fun playing around with both.

    Have yourself a great day.