- The Womanby DragonSkulls
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Unmasked story contest entry
The Woman by DragonSkulls
Unmasked writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

Tugging nervously at his mask, he wanted her to recognise
him as she passed by. But, just like every day, she didn't even
take notice to his existence. He'd been watching her for weeks.
Every day he'd sit at the train station, waiting for her
to walk by. Every day he wanted to talk with her but just couldn't
bring himself to. He simply just wanted to introduce himself.

He walked up behind her on the platform and stood there.
When he heard the train whistle roar as it approached the station,
he thought back, back to when he was a child. The memories
nearly made him weep. The memories were of abuse. His father
beat him all his life, viciously. His mother was never sober
enough to care.

He dealt with this abuse until he was fourteen. That's how old he
was when he murdered them both. He got away with it because
he used his mother's liquor and one of his father's cigarettes to
burn them alive while they slept.

The reason for all of this pain and misery was standing right in
front of him. "Excuse me, Mrs. Jenkins."

She turned. "How do you know my name?"

He pulled down his mask so she could see his face. "Easy, I'm
the baby you gave up twenty years ago."

Just as the look of disbelief and surprise crossed her face, he
added, "So, thanks, Mom. Life's been great." Then he savagely
kicked her in front of the train.


Writing Prompt
Flash Fiction
In 250 words continue the story, beginning with the sentence below: Supply your own title.
Tugging nervously at his face mask, he wanted her to recognise him as she passed by.

Author Notes
Yep, sometimes stories don't have happy endings. What can you do?


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