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Deadly Sins contest entry
Is It Really Sin? Come on. by DragonSkulls
    Deadly Sins Contest Winner 

Did Satan create the Chinese buffet?
Is Golden Corral the apple of Eve?
Does gluttony stain my favorite entrée
when 'all you can eat' is the truth, I believe?

Is barbecue chicken the road to demise?
Are we lost in sin through salad and bread?
Should I tell them no if offered more fries
or teeter from grace if I say yes instead?

How wicked the pasta, regardless the sauce,
or smothered in butter with garlic to tease.
Is my own forgiveness already at loss
with wages of sin melted in with the cheese?

The Pizza Hut temple has manna to share.
White Castle has burgers you buy by the ton.
The Garden of Olive has breadsticks to spare.
Is salvation thus lost before I've begun?

Are buckets of chicken the fall of mankind,
with seventeen spices that lure you to hell?
Will all of us fatties then be left behind
if rapture occurs while we're at Taco Bell?

I question the merit of gluttony's worth.
Will I be denied when at Heaven's gate?
I cherished the food that I had back on earth.
Will I be condemned for the sin that I ate?


Writing Prompt
Write a poem that involves one of the seven deadly sins
Deadly Sins
Contest Winner

Author Notes
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