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Small Talk by DragonSkulls
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Requested in the prompt today,
a flaw I must confess.
When forced to interact with folks,
I really can't care less.

They think I might be interested
but here's what they should know.
I'm plotting out my own escape.
You lost me at "Hello."

So, take in mind when we're at work
and passing in the hall,
if small talk's what they wish to share
they shouldn't speak at all.

I dread the precious time I'll waste
if they should stop to chat.
I'll dream of places far away
instead of where I'm at.

I know I'm inconsiderate
and I might be a jerk.
The last dang thing I want to hear
is work crap while at work.

I doubt there's depth or just a point
in anything they say.
I strongly have to fight the urge
to turn and run away.

Don't tell me of your trip to Spain
or show me baby pics.
Please get it through your thickened skull
our interests just don't mix.

Your wedding plans, your stupid dog
or selfies in a crowd.
If rolling eyes don't give the hint
I'll yawn ungodly loud.

Who cares about your football team
or if they won last night?
I struggle with my building rage
so I can seem polite.

Yes, deep inside I want to scream.
Again, this is my flaw.
I'll tune you out and smile and nod
but I don't care at all.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a flaw that you see in yourself.
I Am Not Perfect
Contest Winner

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