- Curiosity killed the catby Iza Deleanu
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knock, knock
Curiosity killed the cat by Iza Deleanu
Sentence writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
There was a knock on the door.

I was so high on energizers that I didn't give a damn. Who cares who is behind that door? I am safe on this side, right? Cheers, bro, let me get back to my bull, my Red Bull party of one?

What the heck? Maybe behind that door is my party of two? Let me check, my memory. Nope, I have sent no invitation; after all we are under siege. We are ordered to not to leave the house, if you are not an essential. I am not! I am just a student that got high on energizers, a thin memory of his life before... Yup, energizers and exams, that was my mantra of normalcy. Nowadays, just energizers and shitty on-line exams; life in plastic is fantastic. Yup, plastic, part of the self-isolation and clean yourself policy.

Man, how I miss the real thing! I miss going to university and talking to my professors face to face. I am missing the excitement of discovering new things in a real class. What do we have now? Google and you-tube yourself fake lessons for which I pay a fortune! Heck, I can be a professor, too! Read some power points put a video, class dismissed! But now, first I have to finish my education, Red Bull education!

Knock! Knock!

- Who is there?

- It's me, come and see!

- No offence, but I am playing defense, so no see, O.K?

- Come on! Open up! I got free delivery.

- Go away, is a trap, there is nothing for free.


- Red Bull? Aaaaaaaaaaa, 'gives you wings'

- More clipping wings, but what do I know? So, back to you. Do you want it or not?

- How much do you have?

- I got a pack.

- O.K. Can you pushed it under the door?

- Ha? Are you kidding? It's a pack, man; it comes through the door, not under.

- Fine, drop it and get away from the door, I might have the virus.

The student opened the door slowly; behind the door was a beautiful Lady with bat wings and oblique eyes.

- Hey, bro, I forgot to tell you, I got Corona, so here, have some!

Behind the door he met his destiny...

Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with this sentence: There was a knock on the door.


Author Notes
Yeah, I know another story about the lady C. As usual thank you for reading and please "shower me" with your critics and grammar spelling mistakes, that are most welcome. Thank you for reading and stay safe.


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