- The Strollerby DragonSkulls
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150 Word Story contest entry
The Stroller by DragonSkulls
Short Story(150 words) writing prompt entry

John pushed through the crowd as he heard the train
approaching. A man he bumped into yelled, "Hey, stupid,
the train's not going to get there any faster by you being
a dick."

John ran back, jumped, latched onto an overhead pipe
and with both feet, plowed the guy in the face. He crashed
backwards, knocking twenty five people over like bowling
pins. The guy jumped up, grabbed an unoccupied baby
stroller, and started pummeling John Banaster to a pulp.
Pieces of the stroller flew everywhere as he beat him
down. John was still mangled on the platform when the
train left.

Brad Lenard straightened out his suit from the scuffle he
had earlier and went in for his executive job interview. The
front desk secretary said, "I'm sorry but we'll have to
reschedule. It seems Mr. Banaster was attacked in the
subway an hour ago, with a baby stroller."


Writing Prompt
Write a short story (150 words - title not included in word count) beginning with the sentence 'John pushed through the crowd as he heard the train approaching.'


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