- My Pet Killer Beeby DragonSkulls
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The Bee contest entry
My Pet Killer Bee by DragonSkulls
The Bee writing prompt entry

I once lived in fear
and I'd always hide.
Afraid on my own
of evils outside.

But that has all changed
and now I am free.
I bought some protection,
a pet killer bee.

Six hundred dollars...
that's one hefty fee.
But well worth the price
for my pet killer bee.

I take him on walks
and strolls in the park
and often there's times
we're out after dark.

I walk through the hoodlums
that kill just for fun.
They dare not speak slander,
they know they'll get stung.

I never fight muggers,
the rapists now flee
once they catch a glimpse
of my pet killer bee.

I'll never fear evil
and nor shall I hide,
for I am immortal
with him by my side.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem, in any format about The Bee, since it's 50th anniversary today of World Earth Day.


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