- On the Edgeby Susanjohn
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On the Edge by Susanjohn
Sad Poems writing prompt entry

Far edge of loneliness -- no others found;
entwining mangroves crush a strugg'ling mind,
insidious, dark poison penetrates ...
consumes enshrouded visions, once foreseen.

Bound spirit's captive to resurging past,
deep shadows linger well beyond days spent.
Hope stolen, unveils wicked thievery;
this plundered capsule echoes, good for naught.

Fine sharpened daggers eagerly surround ...
far edge of helplessness laments, "Farewell!"


Writing Prompt
Sadness has overcome us all at one time or another. Either caused by a relative or close friend's death or from the girl or guy that broke our heart or just life in general. We all handle situations differently, some good, some bad. This contest gives us the ability to explore this. Your poem can also play into other emotions that are common to writing like this such as anger or depression.


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