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Under The Bridge Cafe by DragonSkulls
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Welcome to this week's episode
of Under the Bridge Café.
I'm Master Chef, homeless Hank.
I'll be your host today.

We're here behind the Burger Palace,
where we've filmed many nights,
in hopes that there's a chance we'll find
some garbage bag delights.

My barrel drum's set up to grill
the feast that we shall dine.
   To compliment this gourmet meal...
our finest hobo wine.

We'll start the course with tossed grass salad,
from what I picked out back.
The dressing we shall top it with,
 a half filled mayonnaise pack.

Next we'll have some gutter soup.
I'll keep this section brief.
Just add a hint of flavoring,
like dried up maple leaf.

The main entrée that I've prepared
you won't find on buffets.
My famous skid row rat kabobs
with honey mustard glaze.

Today we have a special treat
that came to much surprise.
What goes good with birch smoked rat?
A side of dumpster fries.

And finally for our dessert,
it's slightly stale and dry.
But yet still tasty, none the less,
expired apple pie.

Please join us here again next week.
We'll see what we can do.
It might just be roadkill surprise
like cat or possum stew.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that treats a serious subject as humor.
This is serious
Contest Winner


Author Notes
I created this ridiculous picture from different Google images.


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