- Tasting The Tangby LisaMay
This work has reached the exceptional level
Enjoying the restless excess of wild weather.
Tasting The Tang by LisaMay
Free Verse writing prompt entry

On this shell-crusted shoreline
in gritty grains ground fine,
our fast-fading footprints step
amid textures of turbulence.

Greeting the gusting gale
in a tremble of tattered tension,
a curlew’s cry is caught in clouds,
whirled away in wild weather.

Seaweed’s sinuous slitherings
 are written in rippled remnants
as spume-spray scatters
tendril tangles on bands of sand.

Arms wide, welcoming windrush,
we dawdle in the dunes,
tasting the tang of windborne storm
battering briny embankments.

The sounds of the squall’s assault
are surging in restless excess –
lashing, thrashing, crashing
on this shell-crusted shoreline.


Writing Prompt
Please write a free verse poem. Any topic. No rhyming patterns.


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