- 2-4-2 Again?by DragonSkulls
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2-4-2 contest entry
2-4-2 Again? by DragonSkulls
2-4-2 writing prompt entry

What, are
five, seven, fives
too hard?

Writing Prompt
Write a 2-4-2 poem on any subject. The only rule is to follow the 2-4-2 syllable count (first line has two syllables, second line has four, third line has two again).

Author Notes
I guess the 5-7-5s were too much for the competing populous. Now we're
reduced to 2-4-2s. Soon I fear it'll just be 1-2-1s.

I remember a time, long, long ago, when the daily prompts gave us more of
a challenge than what a six year old could accomplish. Those were the days.


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