- Complicated Beautyby Y. M. Roger
This work has reached the exceptional level
Because the simple words were forbidden...
Complicated Beauty by Y. M. Roger
Poem for Spring writing prompt entry

The sight I see out my front door,
I'm not allowed to simplify:
The trees and shrubs all effloresce
As water’s falling from the sky…
Glad trumpet vines each pullulate,
An urbane sight that draws my eye.
Verdurous blades rise to salute
The water falling from the sky…
Lantana’s inflorescence bursts,
Insipient, their visage shy.
The boscage opens wide to catch
That water falling from the sky…
The brackens and the chaparral
Join nature's jubilant outcry:
The trees and shrubs all effloresce
As water’s falling from the sky!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem for spring. You can not use the words: flower, buds, blossoms, rain, new.


Author Notes
'Twas fun, I confess... ;o)

Effloresce -- burst into bloom; blossom
Pullulate -- send forth sprouts, buds, etc; germinate
Urbane -- reflecting elegance or sophistication
Verdurous -- freshly green; flourishing
Inflorescence -- a flower cluster
Insipient -- beginning to appear; in an initial stage
Boscage -- a mass of trees or shrubs; thicket
Bracken -- a cluster or thicket of large ferns
Chaparral -- a dense growth of small trees
Jubilant -- you know this one, right? ;o)

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