- Meet the Armadillo!by Y. M. Roger
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Meet the Armadillo! by Y. M. Roger
Animal Nonet writing prompt entry

Their handsome mug is legendary
armored, clawed, and belly hairy
pick Giant down through Fairy.
Fun name on Spanish tongue:
“little  armored  one”
and they don't run.
Simple  goal:
dig hole


Writing Prompt
Write a nonet poem about your favourite animal.


Author Notes
There are 21 species of armadillo. The smallest is the pink fairy armadillo, which is about 6 inches long. Giant armadillos are the largest species, and are about 5 feet long. The name Armadillo is Spanish for "little armored one".

An armadillo's armor is made up of overlapping plates covering the back, head, legs and tail. The number of armored bands identifies the different species. Only one species, the three-banded armadillo, can roll itself into a hard armored ball to defend itself against predators. Other armadillo species simply dig a hole quickly and hunker down so that their tender stomach is protected and their armor is the only thing visible.

Armadillos have pointy snouts and long, sticky tongues, similar to anteaters, which are close cousins. Their eyesight is poor, so they hunt with a highly developed sense of smell. They also have wiry hairs along their sides and belly, which they use to feel their way around, like curb feelers on some cars. They also have strong legs and sharp claws for digging.
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