- I Am Whateverby DragonSkulls
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I Am Whatever by DragonSkulls
    'I Am' Poem Contest Contest Winner 

I am sarcastic and mendacious.
I wonder what the anal-retentive find humorous in life besides nothing.
I hear my muse telling me that there's no such thing as a muse.
I see Gallagher making a comeback and vegans rising in protest.
I want world peace as long as they don't ask me to donate time or cash.
I am sarcastic and mendacious.

I pretend I'll get more than two reviews for this stupid entry.
I feel imaginary love from my fellow Fanstorians.
I touch nothing that comes from China.
I worry if Tom keeps me here for my poetry or my money.
I cry over spilled vodka.
I am sarcastic and mendacious.

I understand the rules of contests before the committee tells me I'm wrong.
I say whatever I dang well please.
I dream of Jeannie...naked.
I try and try and try and try but get nowhere at breakneck speed.
I hope some folks on here get my twisted humor but it's uncannily doubtful.
I am sarcastic and mendacious.

'I Am' Poem Contest
Contest Winner



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