- My Dancing Princessby DragonSkulls
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How I Met My Valentine contest entry
My Dancing Princess by DragonSkulls
How I met my valentine writing prompt entry

I can't forget the night we met,
her eyes were turquoise blue.
They glowed beneath the neon lights.
She had a rose tattoo.

She wore a dress of velvet red
that tightly hugged her frame.
She smiled at me across the room.
I had to know her name.

The music played in rhythmic time.
She sauntered side to side.
I couldn't take my eyes off her
no matter how I tried.

She came to dance in front of me
with style I can't ignore.
Then she ripped her dress clean off
and threw it to the floor.

Her lingerie was silky black.
I nearly lost control.
With acrobatic expertise,
she swung around the pole.

She arched her back and bounced her rear,
so graceful in her skills.
I came prepared to win her heart
with crisp, new dollar bills.

She dropped her panties and her bra
and danced with spunk and sass.
She kept her little G-string on
'cause this place had some class.

I put the first bill in my mouth
and held it there in place.
She used her butt while on all fours
to pull it from my face.

That was the moment that I knew
I loved her more than life.
I vowed with every dollar bill
one day she'd be my wife.

Then on that most romantic day,
my mind was crystal clear.
I offered flowers and a ring
to show her I'm sincere.

But fate was cruel and intervened.
She never would be mine.
As bouncers threw me out, I yelled,
"You're still my Valentine!"


Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem, any length, about how you met your valentine.


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