- Purchased Talent (a sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Drink Poetry Contest Entry
Purchased Talent (a sonnet) by DragonSkulls
The Drink Poetry writing prompt entry

The gypsy offered answers for my gold.
She'd craft a potion hauntingly unique.
I long to write the poetry of old,
reflected in each precious word I speak.

I took a sip and felt the verse within.
So eloquently rhyming came with ease.
Might not you view this bartered gift as sin
for clearly it was purchased to appease.

I wish to share my work with queens and lords,
where skills I gained are quilled in vibrant ink.
But sadly talent bought holds scant rewards,
for my first write's about a stupid drink.

I question if the sack of coin in trade
was worth the dark decision that I made.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem. You (or your character) take a sip of a drink and feel different. What happens?


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