- Welcome, Red Riding-Hood!by Y. M. Roger
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Welcome, Red Riding-Hood! by Y. M. Roger
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Hello, Red, I see you…
But, oh, can you see me?
Over here, up a bit,
Yes! I guess now you see…?
How ‘bout if I wiggle
And wave my tail like so...
Oh, you’re just kidding, right?
Look up! I’m not that low!
You know, I think it’s best
We try this from the top:
I’m right below the branch
That looks just like a mop.
Not that mop, this one here,
Look up and then pan down.
My head’s about your height…
There! That’s me, smooth and brown.
No? Look, we’ll try once more
You see that glowing light?
There’s a knotted tree root
Below and to the right…
Just above you’ll see me,
At least I thought you could…
Know what, Red? I think you
Should take off that darn hood!

Art contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes

Image of 'Carver's Woods' from FanArtReview's David Ruhl. Thank you, David!


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