- A song in the storm by Maria Millsaps
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There was a knock
A song in the storm by Maria Millsaps
Sentence writing prompt entry

There was a knock on the door. The sounds from the wind in the snowstorm filled the air. She could not imagine who would be calling during that storm. Inside her home there was a different kind of storm, her husband was away on business, and she was home alone with her six-month-old baby. The baby had suddenly become violently ill: skin rash, high fever, seizures, and laborious breathing. She had no way of getting to the local hospital, all the roads were blocked. The baby was getting worse. Everything she had learned in nursing school to break a fever had failed. She was desperate.

She picks up the baby as she goes to answer the door. Her eyes red and swollen from crying. The baby feels limp and lifeless. She looks at the reflection in the hallway mirror, to see a hopeless wretched woman.

Slowly she opens the door, to see a stranger. She could tell he was a foreigner by the clothing he wore. He was stunning in appearance. She knew he was not from that part of the woods. In her town, there were no black people. There was something unusual about the man. He was very tall, his skin black like onyx, and his eyes were clear blue. She thinks he is lost and is looking for direction.

"Yes, how can I help you," she asks the man, in a quiet voice.

The man smiles kindly.

"May I come in?" he asked in a deep voice.

There was a long pregnant pause.

She is not sure letting a stranger in her house while she was alone was a good idea.

The man could tell she was not comfortable with his request.

"I am sorry," he said, "I was sent."

"Sent," she repeated, "who sent you?"

She could not imagine who would had sent him. Is he a doctor, she wonders? Who would know that she needs a doctor?

"Are you a doctor?" she asks.

"Do you need a doctor," he replies kindly.

The wind whips more intensively almost blowing the door off its hinges. She is not paying too much attention to the wind. Her focus is on the baby in her arms. The baby has stopped breathing.

She lets out a loud cry.

"Oh God, she cries out, my baby, my baby."

The woman is in a state of hysteria. Suddenly nothing matters to her anymore.

The stranger lets himself into the house and closes the door behind him.

"May I help you," he asks her.

Without thinking, she hands the lifeless baby to the stranger.

The stranger takes the baby and unwraps him from the blanket. He cradles the baby in his arms and starts to sing.

There's a whisper in the storm
As new life comes forth.
Then a song begins to form
As fresh breath is drawn

With a sound of melody
Of the world all around
Now it blends in the tune
Join the endless song of love.

You shall never be alone
As we link our hearts in love
You are a miracle of life.

Through the ages you will grow
Only time will ever know,
When an angel came to you
Love plays in the storm

As angels join the song
Now the music starts to build
The words begin to rhyme
Then another lends a tune

Their voices now combine
With the sound
Of the world all around
The music fills your ears
Open your eyes as angels cheer.

When he finished his song, the baby starts to cry. The fever had been broken and the baby smiles with delight. He hands the baby back to his mother, and just as he appeared, he disappeared.

Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with this sentence: There was a knock on the door.

Author Notes
This story was inspired by the "Song of Life." by Libera. The lyrics of my story are slightly different. I changed some of the lyrics to go with the story. The photo is from the Black Art Depot.


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