- Calm This Bitter Painby DragonSkulls
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Sadness contest entry
Calm This Bitter Pain by DragonSkulls
    SADNESS Contest Winner 

Oh, Lord, please calm this bitter pain
of woes this life has spun,
the suicide of my dear child,
my only precious son.

What burdens might his soul have bared
to leave his child and wife?
What reasoning I ask, dear Lord,
for ending his own life?

What sorrows tore his heart in twain
while we were rendered blind?
Could not he seek my care and love
to share with me his mind?

Were his own demons fought in stealth?
Had all his faith turned black?
No solace found in pleading cries,
my tears can't bring him back.

I weep these prayers in hope to see
salvation for my boy.
Let not his soul be laid to waste
for Satan to destroy.

Allow him mercy for his sins
oh, mighty God divine.
For must one's soul forever burn...
then please, in trade, take mine.
Contest Winner


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