- Lover of Sonnets (an acrostic)by DragonSkulls
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No Restrictions Poetry contest entry
Lover of Sonnets (an acrostic) by DragonSkulls
    No Restrictions Poetry Contest Winner 

              Let every precious word so softly flow
               On cadence only sonnets can provide,
                Veiled deep within the crafts of long ago,
                 Enhanced by every thought Shakespeare applied.
                  Romantic passion scribed through ink and quill
                   On aging pages worn from overuse.
                    Forever shall I love the poet's skill,
                     So gifted in the talent to seduce.
                      Oblivious are some to toils required,
                       Neglecting labors tailored to the art.
                        No flaws should mask the beauty so desired,
                         Embracing each perfection to impart.
                          The sonnet calms the soul in metered rhyme.
                           Shall gracefully they stand the test of time.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type to enter this poetry contest. Any subject.
No Restrictions Poetry
Contest Winner


Author Notes
This piece is a sonnet while also being an acrostic.
Long live Shakespeare. Lol.


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