- Imagination's Too Much Workby DragonSkulls
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Obscure Word contest entry
Imagination's Too Much Work by DragonSkulls
Obscure Word 7-9-7 writing prompt entry

So, I entered this contest
without foresight or the will to care.
That's how I roll...myopic.

Writing Prompt
Ladies and Gentlemen (and all other members to whom these monikers may not apply!): it's time once again for the Obscure Word 7-9-7! Find a word that truly exists but that, for some reason or another, has been out of the mainstream -- and bring it back for us! ;) Your poem should be of the format:

First Line -- 7 syllables
Second Line -- 9 syllables
Third Line -- 7 syllables

It should highlight/explain/define an obscure word for us and really make us want to use it the next time we compose an offering! :) Remember, keep it mostly clean (know that's difficult for some of you out there, but it IS only 23 syllables so I'm sure you can manage it!) and impress us! :) Make it fun, make it intriguing, but, most of all, make us want to vote for yours!! :) LET THE OBSCURITY BEGIN!! :)

Author Notes
Myopic means lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.
Luckily it was the second word I came across when searching. More
than that, I would have given up. Haha


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