- Surrender Not The Lightby Y. M. Roger
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Giving the poetry form 'the zejel' a try...
Surrender Not The Light by Y. M. Roger
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When evening’s henchmen come to call
and dusk’s dark magic doth enthrall,
‘tis daylight’s fate that night now fall…

The flowers bow their heads in prayer
as shadows yield to darker fare,
and trees stand firm their strength to share,
when twilight draws its somber pall…

Yet, hear the whispers on the breeze
of Taurus and his Pleiades,
and all the stars who’ll join with these,
to overcome the black cabal…

One light to lead them will arise
its beams lend strength to starry skies…
Behold, the darkness reign capsize
as heav’nly sheen illumines all!

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Contest Winner


Author Notes
Thank you for indulging me! If you'd like to join the zejel fun, the definition of a zejel is given sure to let me know if you decide to join in!! ;) ;) Have a wonderful week ahead! ;) ;)

The zejel is a very old Spanish poetic form that is also likely an even older Arabic poetic form with an origination date somewhere between the ninth and eleventh centuries.

Here are the basic rules for zejel:

First stanza is a tercet (3-line stanza) with an AAA rhyme scheme

All other stanzas are quatrains (4-line stanzas) with a XXXA rhyme scheme, so the second stanza would be BBBA, third CCCA, fourth DDDA, and so on to the end of the poem...meaning the poem can continue with as many quatrains as you like! ;) ;)

Lines are usually 8 syllables long

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