- The Patience of Dadby Y. M. Roger
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The catch of a lifetime...
The Patience of Dad by Y. M. Roger
    Surprise! 80 Words or Less Contest Winner 

Although Dad tried, sweet Elizabeth just wasn’t a good fisherman. Ever.
On warm Saturdays, he’d take the whole family fishing. Dad would always bait Lizzie’s hook and even put her line out.
“Watch carefully, Lizzie-Girl. When the cork goes under, just tug back.”
He said those words a thousand times, without results.
One week, Lizzie was very determined. When that cork disappeared, she yanked up. Hard.
Lizzie’s first and only catch? A pair of fish lips!
Chuckling, Dad hugged her.

Writing Prompt
Write a complete story in 80 words or less.

The theme is 'Surprise.'

You may incorporate this theme into the story any way you wish, but it must somehow relate to the topic.
Surprise! 80 Words or Less
Contest Winner

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