- She's Been Distantby DragonSkulls
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80 word story contest entry
She's Been Distant by DragonSkulls
    Surprise! 80 Words or Less Contest Winner 

Lately my wife has been distant and cold. I haven't
even heard her say a word in days. All of our friends
and family are worried. I always make up excuses as
to why I show up to places alone.

Today her daughter came over to see her. I told Brenda she
was lying down in the bedroom. After grabbing my cane,
I followed her into the room, then thought to myself,
"Great, now I have to kill her too."

Writing Prompt
Write a complete story in 80 words or less.

The theme is 'Surprise.'

You may incorporate this theme into the story any way you wish, but it must somehow relate to the topic.
Surprise! 80 Words or Less
Contest Winner

Author Notes
The rules didn't say it had to be a 'happy' surprise. Lol.


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