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Rightful Heir by DragonSkulls
Ottawa Rima writing prompt entry

The mistress of the King bore him Renae,
the exiled bastard child of royalty.
While cast aside, pursuing her own way,
through trying years she built a dynasty.
Beneath her rule vast armies now obey.

"Tonight my father's throne belongs to me!"
His kingdom fell in brutal, harsh despair.
Then he was slain...before the rightful heir.


Writing Prompt
An Ottawa Rima is a poem written in 8-line octives. Each line is of a 10-11 syllable count in the following rhyme: abababcc. There may be multiple octives but for this contest the limit is only one.

He is there by Linda Newman

When sorrow lies entrenched within your heart
And doubts, like ocean waves around you churn
When chaos reigns o'er life and won't depart
And for the peace of yesterday you yearn
When evil thoughts are tearing you apart
And there is nowhere left for you to turn
When dark of night persists, throughout your day
It's time to fall upon your knees and pray


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