- Thursday Night Pokerby DragonSkulls
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Cards Limerick contest entry.
Thursday Night Poker by DragonSkulls
    Five Card Stud....And More! Contest Winner 

My friends were all taking a beating.
Their riches were quickly depleting.
I took all their money.
I laughed, it was funny.
I don't even care I was cheating.


Writing Prompt
Write a fun limerick about your favorite card game... poker, go fish, Uno!, Pinochle, Hearts, and MANY more!! It could be about the card game itself or an experience you had (fictional or not!) playing cards. :) ;) ;)
And we're not going to be 'hard over' on the syllable count, folks -- just make it fit the general format of FIVE Lines with aabba rhyme scheme. Of course, the b's there are usually shorter than the a's, but we'll let the voters decide if yours is the best! ;) ;)
And, remember: make it fun! Make it entertaining! But, most of all, make us want to vote for yours! ;) ;)
Five Card Stud....And More!
Contest Winner

Author Notes
It's just a stupid contest entry, people. I wouldn't cheat while playing cards with
my friends. I was just trying to be funny but that's nearly impossible when so many
people take life way too seriously.

I created this picture myself from different Google images, if anyone
might have read to here.


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