- There's a Word For It?by DragonSkulls
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Obscure Word contest entry
There's a Word For It? by DragonSkulls
Obscure Word 7-9-7 writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

There's a word for splicing words
into words and that word is Tmesis?

That's rifuckindiculous.


Writing Prompt
And now, just in time for the end of the school year, it's the OBSCURE WORD 7-9-7! Write a 7-9-7 poem that highlights, introduces, or just plain uses an OBSCURE word** in the English language! ;) :) There's no topic limitation except to say that you are to try to choose a little-known word that we all might like to use one, it's your job to impress us into doing so! :) :) Make us laugh! Make us cry! But make us want to vote for (and, perhaps, utilize!) yours in one of our future offerings (prose or poetry)!

**BE SURE to include a definition of your word in your author notes! :) :)

A 7-9-7 is written such that:

first line is seven syllables
second line is nine syllables
third line is seven syllables

Author Notes
Tme-sis: The separation of parts of a compound word by an intervening word or words, heard mainly in informal speech (e.g., a whole nother story; shove it back any-old-where in the pile). Tmesis is derived from the Greek word tmesis, which means "to cut." It is a rhetorical device that involves the breaking down of a phrase or a word into two parts. In simpler words, tmesis is an insertion of a word between the parts of a word, a compound word, or a phrase (phrasal verbs usually). It is a practice of dividing a phrase or word into its components by inserting another word in the middle of that phrase or word.


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