- Pilot My Dreamsby DragonSkulls
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Pilot My Dreams by DragonSkulls
    Rhyme Contest Winner 

     Should my pen pilot dreams of mind,
     into the wind I'll raise the sails.
     No compass guides my certainty.
     I'll chase what path my pen unveils.

     I've faith that I'll not be misled
     should my pen pilot dreams of mind.
     So true its course that leads me on,
     while willingly I follow blind.

     The exploration thrills the quest
     while watching where the bow may turn.
     Should my pen pilot dreams of mind,
     I'll loose the helm with faint concern.

     A distant coast floats into sight
     where thoughts and quill become entwined.
     Each anchored shore a treasure's found
     should my pen pilot dreams of mind.


Writing Prompt
Write a quatrain ( 4 line stanza) with rhyme. 2nd line rhymes with 4th line 6th line with 8th and 10th line with 12th.
Contest Winner


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