- Sensational Discoveryby Y. M. Roger
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You can't be anything until you know who you are...
Sensational Discovery by Y. M. Roger
3-6-9 Poem contest entry


let its cloak enfold you

allow only your soul’s voice be heard


let its breath consume you

feel naught but love’s echo on your skin


let its strength sustain you

as the person you are is revealed



Author Notes
As a teacher, I see the effect of way too much technological interaction and 'keeping up appearances' and 'selfying' and posting.... my students go nutty if they have to 'sit quietly' for any real period of time. They're always living for that next 'hit' on their phones [instagram, facebook, twitter, gonna stop there because the older ones have more]... PLEASE encourage the young people in your lives to just find 'nothingness' once in a while, that's where they find who they are and not what others think they should be (or that they feel pressured to be!).

Thanx for reading me! :) ;)

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