- Grabby O'Greedby BlueMarble
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personification of greed
Grabby O'Greed by BlueMarble
Personification of an Emotion poem writing prompt entry

Hey sweet lover how do you do
Come and see what I’ve got for you
I go by the name of Grabby O'Greed
And I push you to grab more than you need
This great big world is made of gold
More than any pocket can hold
It’s full of all sorts of things and stuff
But for you there'll never be enough
Don’t worry about neighbors and their starving need
Just hang on to Grabby O'Greed
Their problems have no place in your life
It’s not your fault they have their strife
Keep piling it on then bring in more
Though when you get called to the distant shore
It might come as a shock to find
You’ll have to leave it all behind
The only treasures they let in there
Are the love you had to give and share
I wonder - when that happens to you -
Will you still love me like you do?     


Writing Prompt
Write a poem where an emotion is turned into a real person could it be Linda Lust or prince Terror can be funny scary sad anything you like have fun.


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