- Let the Music Speak for Usby Y. M. Roger
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Let the Music Speak for Us by Y. M. Roger
Beethoven 'Even the Odds' Poem writing prompt entry


Gets us nowhere

Stow your flowery words

Come sit, I’ll put on Beethoven

Perhaps a sonata? Or Ode to Joy?

Just let me hold you…remember this?

We’ll discuss matters later...

Right now, it’s just us,

No need for



Writing Prompt
March 29th marks the 224th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's debut as pianist in Vienna, Austria. To celebrate his awesome musical contributions and influences, you are to write an 'Even-the-Odds' poem [see format below] that somehow, someway relates to Beethoven or, more importantly, to his music. It can be a musical event or instrument lessons when you were can be how a certain concerto is tied to important can be how his music makes you feel or makes you think about certain could be his Spring Sonata's tie-in to Spring....really, ANYTHING! ;) :) Be original! Give it a try -- surprise us and make us want to vote for yours! :) ;)

An 'Even the Odds' Poem is as follows:

1. The syllable count is 2-4-6-8-10-9-7-5-3-1 [starts out with evens and finishes with odds] - it is centered to form a 'diamond-like' shape

2. The first word (two syllables) and the last word (one syllable) are synonyms

3. There is no rhyme requirement, although it isn't discouraged.

Evening Performance
by Y. M. Roger

--------------------Flit through the air
-------------------Chromatic symphony
---------------Of effulgent streaks and glitter
-----Performing 'neath where the trees meet the stars
------------Tonight, the crickets and frogs join in
----------------Enhancing the vibrant show
--------------------You'll never forget
----------------------Dancing with

[ignore the "-----", they were necessary so that the editor gnome would allow the poem to center! :)]


Author Notes
Image of 'Romantic Messages' from Google Images via Southern Living []


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