- Acrostic Sonnet by DragonSkulls
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Acrostic Sonnet by DragonSkulls
    Write An Acrostic Poem In Rhymes Contest Winner 

     God, might I ask for guidance on my quest.
     It seems that only grandmas view the booth.
     Vague are my efforts though I give my best.
     Exhort my flaws and guide me t'ward the truth.
     Must I resort to stoop so sadly low,
     Embrace the fact that I must write the same?
     God, please, I ask, please say this isn't so,
     Unfair would be this farce to win these games.
     I will, I swear, still force myself to strive,
     Determined, I shall stand among the flocks.
     As sunsets, grandkids, pets and gardens thrive
     Not once will dare I think outside the box.
     Can prayers I weep help win a prompt or two,
     Escaping all these words that grandmas spew?


Writing Prompt
Write an Acrostic Poem in rhymes in 13 lines or more about a prayer to God
Write An Acrostic Poem In Rhymes
Contest Winner

Author Notes
It just seems that way sometimes. Same grandma stuff wins nearly every contest.
Maybe God can help. Lol
Thanks for reading this silliness.



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