- Ten Minute Sonnetby DragonSkulls
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Sonnet contest entry
Ten Minute Sonnet by DragonSkulls
Write A Sonnet writing prompt entry

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I have to write this sonnet record fast.
I'm late for work, it's purely l
Ten minutes from the deadline, I'm aghast.
But I won't stop, I live my life for this.

My boss will surely call, "Why aren't you here?"
Elaborate will be the lie I make.
I must be mental, risking my career
for stupid member dollars that are fake.

But just imagine if I came in first.
The unemployment line would cheer with glee.
They'd praise me on how gifted I was versed
and offer any job they got to me.

But just in case I'm homeless, spare a dime,

yet know I got this sonnet in on time.


Writing Prompt
Write a sonnet. A sonnet is a poem of 14 lines. It follows a strict rhyme scheme. It is often about love. Instructions and examples.

Author Notes

In case any voter cares, the sonnet is suppose to have
a volta (a turn) in either the beginning of the third stanza
or in the final couplet. But that's only if you care about
actual sonnet structure or not, which apparently a few
people don't.


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