- Play Nice Childrenby Rickie1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Childish behavior isn't limited to the young.
Play Nice Children by Rickie1

Play Nice Children

It's my ball, I say so.
It's not your ball, .
It's my ball, my rules.
Your rules suck.
I won't play with you,
I'll make you play.
Screw you.
None of my friends will play with you.
Lets make a deal
No, I don't like you.
Lets change the rules.
You don't have the ball.
I want my ball.
I'm not talking to you.
Screw you.

No one is playing.
Who's getting screwed?

Play nice children
you both
will lose
more than a ball.


Author Notes
Exchange "wall" for "ball", read again and what do we have? I'm embarrassed by the immature and childish behavior of our elected representatives. They are only representing themselves and their political party. I am equally disappointed by some of the fine (yes, there are a few) politicians that do nothing except watch and do nothing to correct this ridiculous soap opera drama. Shame on them as well. Too bad for me this isn't a popular way to write poetry but I am compelled to write as I feel and believe is right.


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