- Nocturnal Beacons of Christmas Timeby Y. M. Roger
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Trinet Poetry Contest Entry
Nocturnal Beacons of Christmas Time by Y. M. Roger
Trinet poetry writing prompt entry

Fireflies flashing
Nocturnal beacons
Lighting the way through arboraceous glen
Scintillating greeting for passing wise men
Following glimmers
Royal journeyers
Travel onward...

Village lanterns
Nocturnal beacons
Lighting the way through obscure streets
Assuring wise men’s journey won’t cease
Following pathways
Astronomer Kings
Travel onward...

Bethlehem’s star
Nocturnal beacon
Lighting the way to Savior’s location
Wise men welcome King of creation
Following Christ
True Christians
Travel onward


Writing Prompt
The Trinet, created by zion, is a form with these specifications:

Line 1 - 2 words
Line 2 - 2 words
Line 3 - 6 words
Line 4 - 6 words
Line 5 - 2 words
Line 6 - 2 words
Line 7 - 2 words

Repeat this pattern 2 more times, if centered correctly it looks like three crosses.

Answered Prayer

Snow Falling
Smiles Bright
Wet winter weather, Skating on ice
Coats and Scarves, and Missing mittens
Angel Wings
Sled Race
Snow Fight

Blowing Wind
Freezing Rain
No School, We shovel Icy Sidewalks,
Cold December Day Look Santa's Sleigh
Candles lit
Warm Hands
Frosty Hearts

Holiday Cookies
Presents Galore
Joyous carols sung, stockings being hung
Being thankful for all that's received
Family Dinner
Wet Weather
Answered Prayers

Copyright © 2008 zion

Author Notes
Image: "When the stars refuse to shine, find light in the fireflies by Ashraful Arefin" on Pinterest []


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