- The Professor's Goatby DragonSkulls
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The Professor's Goat by DragonSkulls
    Poetry Telling A Joke Contest Winner 

On a poorly lit back road,
a few blocks from Parliament,
a professor and his he-goat walk in a bar
to join the assembly of nameless patrons.
Everyone stops and cruelly stares at the duo.
Then Daniel, the bartender,
rudely and loudly hollers out the question,
"Why did you bring that smelly,
hairy, disgusting beast in here?"
The goat yells back,
"Hey, that is an awfully mean
and hurtful thing to say...
he's my father."


Writing Prompt
Write 76-word poetry in 13 lines, telling a joke, using these 8 words:
he-goat, Daniel, professor, question, father, nameless, parliament, assembly
Poetry Telling A Joke
Contest Winner

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