- Morning Dawned Kindaby Beck Fenton
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Into each life some rain must fall.
Morning Dawned Kinda by Beck Fenton
200 Word Story writing prompt entry

It was a dark and stormy day. It had been night an hour ago. Daybreak broke... but not very loudly. Loud enough to wake me, though. Not a cannon-Boom! kind of daybreak. More like a drop the can of coffee on the tile floor kind of boom. Disappointing, because you know it's going to go bad all day if you can't hold a can of coffee.
So, it stayed dark, but not black dark. More like dark-grey acrylic paint dark. Overcast grey, maybe, like there was white mixed into the grey at times. The kind of day that never gets sunshine, just different shades of grey mixed with torrential rain. Not little sprinkles that didn't really get anything accomplished except frizzing my hair. I'm talking rain that made me wonder if my bathtub was able to float... in case a wall of water smashed my house and I needed a boat to float to safety somewhere. It's cast iron, so I probably would be left in the shambles of my house.
I did the only sensible thing. I blew up the air mattress that I keep for company and went back to bed and watched "Waterworld" just in case.

Writing Prompt
Write a 200 word story. 200 words, no more, no less. (Not counting title.)
No rules but the 200 word count and what your story "CAN'T" be about.
No stories about pets. Period.
No stories about aging or effects of aging. Alzheimer's, cancer, dying, deathbed love or confessions. Nothing concerning being or getting old.
No stories about love. Falling in or falling out of, betrayal, commitment, everlasting, none of it. Love = disqualification.
Other than that, have at it. Not too long, not too short.
You don't need to have a conflict and resolution either. Just a 200 word story. Not flash fiction. Use as many descriptive words you want. I'd prefer humorous but not everyone appreciates humor as much as I. Have fun though.



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