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My Lifetime by Bucketlist
Let's Write Nonets writing prompt entry

I was
A small girl
Had vivid dreams
Of princes and rings
Glass slippers, many things
Meeting the man of my dreams
Imagined marriage from heaven
Restaurants not Seven Eleven

Dreams in reality can come true
Not always how I want them to
The prince sang of purple rain
Meals were drive up quickies
Rings brought bad karma
No glass slippers
Trains not flights
Not much

I was
A mother
Less time to dream
Babies ruled supreme
Feed, burp,then a cuddle
House in relentless distress
But to look in my babies' eyes
Was more worthy than any demise

Time has changed the wishes of my life
Past are the many stressful days
I can daydream and make true
Things that I want to do
Older, sons have left
More time for rest

Writing Prompt
Standard rules for nonet form apply: This is a nine line poem. Line one is nine syllables, line two is eight syllables, line three is seven, and so on down to line nine which is one syllable. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ... Yes, you may write a reverse Nonet: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 syllables. YES, you may write multiple Nonets, reverse or regular in any combination. Only one is required.

A Question

Tree tops reach for the stars in earnest,
perhaps their roots toil unaware--
slaves to passion, blind instinct.
Do the stars then entice,
or do they run wild--
the trees unseen?
My answer ...
What is

The desired goal in a standard Nonet is a perfect triangle. The perfect triangle shape makes this all the more challenging. This shape is not a requirement, but the Nonet achieving this shape will draw the attention. On the other hand, you are encouraged to be creative. You may lay out your piece as you see fit as long as it is nine lines with the required syllable counts. The number of lines and the syllable counts are the only requirement.

Display, music, graphics, GIFs, etc. are all at the discretion of the author.

Author Notes
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