- Unstoppable by Susanjohn
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Unstoppable by Susanjohn
    200 Word Story Contest Winner 

No parent ever wants to hear these words, "Life expectancy is unpredictable." Those words gripped my heart with suffocating fear. A blackness that shrouded my soul and consumed every thought. How does a person live in constant fear of the unknown? Life becomes a struggle. Medication, monitors, therapies, screenings, let her leave the house or never leave her side?

None of us know when God will call us home. We all pray we live long and happy lives. Four words that will NO longer bury me... "Life expectancy is unpredictable." I expect my daughter will live long after I am gone. I predict, she will be the change in the lives of many people.

A love for Christ burns a fire in her soul and has forged an empathetic heart that knows no limit to God's mercy and grace. She radiates a peacefulness that is undeniable. There is something quite humbling when you witness your child speaking God's truth. I am witness to a divine purpose.

My daughter's name was etched upon the brightest star before she was born. She will be the change this broken world needs. Fear will no longer be my companion. Fear ... you are a liar.

Writing Prompt
Write a story of 200 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 200 words.
200 Word Story
Contest Winner

Author Notes
the girl in the photo is my sweet Lilly. She suffers from a serious genetic disorder that affects her entire body...but mainly her heart. I don't have the words to describe what an amazing gift I have in this child.


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